An Industry First

Up to 100% in the dollar advances

Ability to extend invoices past 90 days

What Our Clients Can Expect

We deal with all types of small and medium size clients

Total transparency and integrity

You maintain control of your own collections and customer relationships

Simple and clear account reconciliation

We pay your outstanding invoices today.


We dispel all the jargon and tricks the industry throws at you to give you a concise and transparent facility and solutions to your funding needs.

We are entrepreneurial, allowing us to look beyond just your debtors but also your industry sector, your invested equity, your plant & equipment and your inventory to be able to deliver innovations like 100% advances.

Having been in business ourselves for over three decades we understand business cycles and the challenges of business.

You will receive stability and rock solid integrity when dealing with us unlike the institutions and second tier lenders that on-sell your invoices to the institutions.

At MG Factoring, deal direct with the lender with confidence.

You deal direct with Mal Gould who is available seven days a week.

We have a small-medium business background in agriculture, retailing and manufacturing – we understand your world!

Widely used across Australia and now evolving into a much more
customer-friendly service.

Almost $65bn of invoice finance was transacted last year in Australia,
having grown at 20/30% annually over the last two decades.

After a dip in activity levels during the financial crisis, partly caused
by the withdrawal of most of the major banks from the market, it is
growing again and becoming increasingly popular with business
owners as a more direct, flexible source of funding, as an add-on to
traditional bank finance.

The big issue for potential customers though is having to commit to complicated contracts with uncertain fees and termination provisions which penalise customers unfairly. MG Factoring is changing this with a simple, pay as you go model....

No set-up fees, No hidden fees, No lock-ins.

We pay your outstanding invoices today.
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Please note: This is not a loan nor are MG Factoring providing money lending or investment advice.