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Invoice Finance describes...

the process of raising finance against individual invoices or bundled invoices.

At MG Factoring, we offer the service to casually factor an invoice for a client who may need a quick injection of cash.

You can factor one invoice or a group of invoices. We will quote you a simple fixed fee per month that the invoice is outstanding for.

We typically advance between 80-90% of the invoice value (one of the highest in the industry).
Once you are set up as a client, all you need to do is send us a copy of the invoice along with any supporting documentation and we will advance funds to your bank account within 48 hours. The moment the customer pays, your debt is extinguished and the remainder of the invoice less our fees is paid to you that day.

What is Invoice Finance?

Invoice Finance, Spot Factoring and Debtor Finance describe the process of raising finance against individual invoices. It means releasing cash locked up in invoices, one invoice at a time. Spot factoring or single invoice finance is a new alternative to traditional wholesale factoring facilities.

  • Invoice Finance facilities provide greater flexibility and enable you to sell a single invoice or bundle of invoices when you need it most
  • No need to enter into lengthy and potentially expensive contracts
  • Invoice Finance allows faster access to capital

Invoice Finance is defined as the purchase of a single 'one off' invoice as opposed to full or repeat factoring. A defining feature of small and medium sized businesses in Australia is the volatility of their monthly cash flows. Traditional funding can be ill-suited to these cash flow fluctuations: minimum monthly fees penalise companies at times when they do not need to draw down on funds.

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Please note: This is not a loan nor are MG Factoring providing money lending or investment advice.